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Winter Walk for $2.50

Winter Walk for $2.50

What? You walked four kilometers for $2.50? Are you crazy?

Maybe I am.

It is winter here in Canada; cold but crisp fresh air and sunny with a side order of pandemic lockdown. I've been working on all kinds of art projects to keep busy, including a mini zine series called Boobs.  A zine is a self published, generally small handmade booklet on a particular subject. I love a new challenge and started the process of creating my first issue:  Boobs Mini Zine a quirky folded paper zine with illustrations and positive body messages to distribute with my handmade ceramic boob mugs. I also decided push myself a bit and sell the zine in my Etsy shop. There was a long pause of fear before I pushed the post button. Self doubt had settled in my brain. Why would anyone want to read something I made?

STOP IT - I do have a voice worth sharing! I quickly pressed the post button before I could punish myself any further.

Pushing the post button was the only choice to move past my fear.

Bing! Bing! In only one day I was greeted with sales of my zine!

My heart pounded with amazement. There is an excitement when you work through your vulnerabilities and find a way to connect to others. I was thrilled to mail these personal zine creations and what an opportunity to get out of the house!

Hat, mitts, mask, coat and boots...we are all going to the mailbox. Time to navigate the snowy 2 km walk each way. Yes, there are closer mailboxes but hey, I wanted the full experience. I don't care if each printed mini zine is only a small profit of $2.50, it felt like a million dollars!  Fresh air here I come.

The rewards are the chance to go for a walk, enjoy mental health and spread a little bit of joy around the world.

One zine at a time. 

I'm crazy and loving it!

Enjoy the journey, 


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