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Hello! I make Boob Mugs - 3 reasons to blog

Hello! I make Boob Mugs - 3 reasons to blog

Have you ever started out working on one activity and then been pulled in so many other directions can't seem to focus on one thing! Yes, that's me over and over again.  I'm suppose to be making boob mugs today. Instead I'm obsessing over creating a weekly BLOG! 

There are 3 reasons I am creating a blog:

1. Revealing the Layers

Communicate with those of you out there who know nothing about me...including many of my acquaintances. Clue Here: Introvert 
This is a personal challenge to practice writing and talking about the world around me.
There must be others who struggle with sharing your authentic self. I'd love to hear from you.

2. Sharing Positive Ideas 

I've called this blog Boob Mug Crumbs because those crumbs can help us find positivity and humour through life's challenges. I've really enjoyed developing a new graphic art boob mug cartoon character to show the funny side of situations.  There seems to be a lot of people struggling mentally with the negative tone of the world. I would like to contribute my small piece to hopefully make a difference.

3. Updates

Interested in classes/workshops, new ideas or one of my handcrafted pieces? I'll post news on new online workshops I've tried, classes I'm teaching and basic life hacks that have been working for me.

Stay true to you, because you are awesome!






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