Laila's Loft

About Us

Laila's Loft is open Saturdays at Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market
8 am to 3 pm and is where you can find exclusive Lailart Pottery created by Laila Brandt and a selection of fun fashion jewelry, art and other local artisan pottery.


"I love to make unique pottery that people want to touch, hold and enjoy every day. My passion is creating exceptional hand built functional stoneware pottery which explores the shapes, textures and beauty reflected in life."

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and have lived in London most of my life. I have always had an appreciation of the arts, love to travel and visit local arts communities. Between raising a family and a full-time career in administrative management; I have taken various art courses from University of Western Ontario and pottery courses at the London Clay Art Centre. I enjoy many creative interests, including figure drawing, painting, crochet, mixed media projects and pottery and have been an active member of the London Potters Guild for over ten years. This year I was presented with some life changing events. I decided to embrace every moment and pursue my true passion of being an artist.

Welcome to my journey and join me on my wild ride!

If you're interested in ordering a custom piece... contact me with your ideas.